Extrusion - Compounding

Extrusion is one of the most common plastic processing method that is used to create rod, sheet, film, profile or pipes & tubes.It is a continuous, high temperature and high pressure manufacturing method that results in lengths or rolls/coils of finished or semi-finished product.

In the simplest case, an extruder can be used to convert plastic formulations and additives into a form (usually granular) which is more convenient for use in other plastic processing methods.

In the extruder the feed material are melted, homogenised and forced through a die that contains a number of capillaries. The resulting laces of plastic are cut using a die face cutter, cooled in a water tank and subsequently dried and conveyed by vacuum into a bagging unit.

The feed materials can be pellets, powders or liquids.

Twin screw extruders are preferred for compounding as they give better mixing performance at lower temperatures. Segmented screws and barrels are common for compounding as they allow the extruder design to b easily changed to meet specific material formulation requirements.

Extrusion - Compounding Companies

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