The flexibility and durable nature of plastic makes it a valuable material for the construction industry. Key applications include sheeting and membranes, foamed insulating products, cladding, rainwater and soil goods, piping and windows and doors. PVC has a dominant market share, while polyurethanes (PU) and expanded polystyrene (EPS) are also important in this market.

In general, plastics offer a combination of durability, strength, light weight and insulating properties (water, heat, noise and vibration), as well as a wide range of high quality textures, colours and finishes, which enable them to be used in diverse visible and hidden applications.

The plastic piping industry is an important market sector in Northern Ireland and several companies manufacture a range of Polyethylene (PE) pipe systems and services for the gas, water and telecom utility markets and also provide products and recycled materials for the building and construction markets. These companies are natural partners for utility companies and provide innovative solutions to piping requirements.